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So I sent Leslie King who is the head of Media Services at USAG who’s email can be found on USAG’s website and was also given to me by my-bff-nastia and this was the email I sent as well as the response I got. I also sent the same email to Steve Penny, I don’t know if he will get back to me but I saw his email and I figured he should do something considering his track record. 

bless you :)


we should all email them until they revoke or at least suspend gymnastike’s privileges.

well, people power is one of the strongest powers on this planet!

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Gymternet Against Humanity: Beta Testing i think



soo i want to test it out! so if you want to play (i’ve made 10 places open and 20 spectators not that it’ll get filled), click here and please make your nickname your URL pleasee it’ll be easier to keep track of everyone. THE PASSWORD IS gymternet

This Cards Against Humanity will have the Box Expansions cards as well as the Gymternet Against Humanity cards I made, so that there’s a bit of variety! I hope it’s really fun and it works out I want to see if it does :)

(Gymternet Against Humanity has 45 Black Cards and 138 White Cards as of this post and I’ll add more later)

hi im waiting for people

Friendly reminder that McKayla may have been underage when she took those pictures. Just in case you needed more reasons to be grossed out and pissed off… 

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if there’s one thing I hate more than assholes leaking nudes of women who clearly meant for the photos to be shared privately, it’s other assholes judging said women for what they choose to do with their bodies and blaming them for taking the pics in the first place instead of the sick freaks who post them publicly without permission.