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Romanian national team in Sweden

Little news clip of the Romanian girls and their time in Sweden.

1. Didi speaks more English. Melting… She also got braces
2. Didi and Lari have a moment where Lari’s late for the lineup and then they burst out laughing
3. Didi, ever the diplomat, says she wants to be healthy for worlds, be there for her girls, and make Romania proud.

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imagine if jaden smith live blogged gymnastics

- Great Vault But The Landing Was Not Stuck 

- You Can See The Artistry . But Not the Truth

- She Loves To Win But Does She Love to Compete

- There. Is. More. Than. Two. Flips. And. Two. Twists. If. You. Believe.

- The Beam Series Was Good But Was It GOOD 

- Toes Pointed But Pointing At Who 

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  • GK:

    We don't design blue leos for team USA because we don't want them to blend in with the arena

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    it would be a shame-

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  • London Planners:

    if something were to-

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"Oh gosh, we’re just playing around with that stuff to see if I can do it.  But then Martha, for beam, the double double, she’s like,’yeah, let’s do it!’  And I’m like, ‘that’s at the end of my routine, remember that.’" ~Simone Biles (on triple doubles, double doubles off beam, and triples on vault)